ice dam removal of large icicles on roof in grand rapids michigan

Safe, Gentle Ice Dam Removal

Yikes! Those large icicles hanging from your roof may look like a winter wonderland, but they are likely to cause major damage to your roof, gutters and home. This winter, protect your home with Platinum Property Solutions ice dam removal service. When an ice dam forms, water is prevented from running off the edge of the roof and collects in the dam. The water finds vulnerable areas in the roof where it can leak into the home.

The Pros Use Steam on Ice Dams

As a homeowner, you might be tempted to try and remove the ice dam yourself. However, using sharp tools to break up an ice dam is not only dangerous, it can destroy your roofing materials. Platinum Property Solutions uses a commercial-grade steamer to melt and cut through ice dams away without any impact to your roof shingles or other surfaces.

removing ice dams on house in grand rapids michigan
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man using roof rake to remove roof snow on a garage

We Remove Roof Snow

Did you know Platinum Property Solutions also offers roof snow removal? Heavy, wet snow can put a lot of weight and stress on your roof. Our snow removal crews alleviate the stress on your home or garage by drastically reducing the snow load after excessive accumulations. We are available throughout West Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Holland and Ludington.

Fast, convenient and affordable

Don’t risk your safety or damage to your home. Avoid working in the bitter cold this winter by calling the pros at Platinum Property Solutions. Our roof snow removal service is perfect for busy homeowners and business owners.

Plenty of Cold, Plenty of Snow

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, 2019-2020 will be a typical Michigan winter, bringing us our fair share of cold temps and snow. Be proactive this season and protect your home against the harsh effects of ice and snow. Contact us today and learn more how steam is the way to go to get rid of your ice dams this year.

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Remove My Ice Dams!

Are you seeing a buildup of large icicles hanging from your roof? You might have an ice dam. Contact Platinum Property Solutions and setup a free estimate for ice dam or roof snow removal.